Balancing your Resources
The word "visual" comes from the Latin word "visus" (meaning sight, vision).
Our services are inspired by our name.
At Visus, we understand the constant challenge companies have of balancing in-house resources to meet project demands. We provide support when you require additional expertise to independently execute a project or supplement your team, when sudden or temporary increases in project work occur, and when you cannot dedicate in-house resources to non-project related tasks.

Our solid technical foundation and diverse project experience allows our clients to easily hand off projects and seamlessly plug our staff into a large variety of on-demand project roles without sacrificing profitability or increasing coordination requirements. This provides you with the flexibility to utilize our experienced staff, on an as-needed basis, without the additional burden of adding full time employees. Furthermore, we are equipped to work at your office if desired.
Our passion is assisting clients by expeditiously developing, documenting and communicating technical information critical to each project’s success, and we reinforce your company’s brand with every service we provide and every work product we create.
Communicating your Vision
A unique service for the natural resource and development industries
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